Thursday, May 12, 2005

Saaddoodeen Is Stranger Than I Imagined

I have reports now from four of the better, premium online database and investigating sites that makes me believe that Ahamedd Saaddoodeen is not really Ahamedd Saaddoodeen.

The data comes from People Data, Intelius, US Search and USA Trace.

Before I describe the data, it is important to realize that databases often contain incorrect information which is why I paid FOUR of these services to try and independently cross-check and corroborate each other. Despite this, there is no guarantee that all four are not relying on faulty data. However, they all returned different reports with somewhat varying data that indicates they were accessing different sources.

I had my own guesses about Saaddoodeen but was not prepared for what I received. The online documents -- which include a list of residences occupied (both apartments and single-family dwellings) for the past 26 years and continuing to 2005 -- show Ahamedd Saaddoodeen continuously as a resident at the same address as Ms. Brown since at least 1979 and continuing to the present day.

As part of the search, the investigative services ran a check on the Social Security numbers and Dates of Birth for Saaddoodeen and Ms. Brown. The documents they sent me indicate that the birth date (December XX, 1952) and SSN are the same. I do not have nor did I ask for, nor do I want the whole SSN. I have also XXed out the actual date of birth to avoid exposing sensitive personal information.

I will post the investigative services' documents as soon as I black out the exact addresses, phone numbers and other data that I am not comfortable posting here. It may take a while because there are nearly 70 pages worth of data. I'll post them in hopes that some reader will be able to make a connection.

So, for whatever reason, these investigative reports indicate that "Ahamedd Saaddoodeen" is not a real person, but probably an alias for Blythe Newlon Stafford Brown -- Dan Brown's wife. And that Saaddoodeen predates her relationship with Brown. I make that conclusion since the Blythe/Saaddoodeen connection as indicated by the data, dates back at least to 1979 - a year that Dan Brown was just 15 years old.

So, that leads us back to my original statement in this post: Ahamedd Saaddoodeen is not really Ahamedd Saaddoodeen.

It is NOT reasonable and totally beyond the realm of belief to entertain the notion that the Saaddoodeen writing to me is Brown's wife. So, ruling that out leaves us with another mystery: WHO could the fake Saaddoodeen be? And how would they know this?

I am sending the investigative services back to dig deeper in search of this answer. I'll let you know what they find.


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It's very strange.

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